The Express Clean

Small Car – Med size Car
Large Sedan – Small SUV
Large SUV – XL SUV
$69.99 – $74.99

The exterior of the vehicle is completely hand washed including all surfaces such as doorjambs, wheel wells, exhaust and wheels. The vehicle is then dried by hand using microfiber towels and compressed air.
The exterior is then completely hand rubbed with a clay bar and a lubrication solution to remove all contaminants leaving the surface completely smooth. Special attention and techniques are used to remove more stubborn problems such as road tar, paint overspray or sun baked insects. Small paint scratches and chips are then touched up to reduce their visibility. The vehicle is then quick waxed with premium wax. Everything is removed from the vehicle and placed in customer bags. The carpet is then vacuumed with high suction and all particulate matter is either suctioned or blown out of the carpet using high-pressure air. All stains will be steamed. All interior surfaces are then pampered using special cleaning solutions and high pressure air. Next all glass surfaces are cleaned including the windows, mirrors and dash.

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