Interior Detail Package

Small Car – Med size Car
$64.99 - $74.99
Large Sedan – Small SUV
$84.99 - $99.99
Large SUV – XL SUV
$109.99 - $134.99

Everything is removed from the car or truck and placed in customer bags. The carpet is then vacuumed with high suction and all particulate matter is either suctioned or blown out of the carpet using high-pressure air.
All interior surfaces are then brought back to a like new appearance using special cleaning solutions, high pressure air and tools such as fine brushes, microfiber towels, and picks. No surface is left unattended. If the vehicle has leather seats or other surfaces they are all cleaned and conditioned using products specifically designed for leather. The carpet, the mats, non-leather seats as well as the headliner are then cleaned thoroughly with steam extraction with special attention paid to problem stains and discolored areas. Next all glass surfaces are cleaned including the windows, mirrors and dash.

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