Exterior Detail Package

Small Car – Med size Car
$64.99 - $74.99
Large Sedan – Small SUV
$84.99 - $99.99
Large SUV – XL SUV
$109.99 - $134.99

The exterior of the vehicle is completely hand washed including all surfaces such as doorjambs, wheel wells, exhaust and wheels. The vehicle is then dried by hand using microfiber towels and compressed air.
The exterior is then completely hand rubbed with a clay bar and a lubrication solution to remove all contaminants leaving the surface completely smooth. Special attention and techniques are used to remove more stubborn problems such as road tar, paint overspray or sun baked insects. Minor scratches and scuffs are then improved upon or in some instances eliminated with a high-speed polisher in the hands of a skilled technician. The vehicle then is polished and waxed using an orbital polisher. This process brings back the new like appearance of the finish by enhancing the depth and shine of the color and eliminating the swirl marks left from car washes, hand washes and ill performed auto detailing.

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